Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Explore our exquisite collections of fine jewellery, which feature exquisite craftsmanship, precious materials, and cutting-edge designs. You may create your own bespoke engagement rings in three simple steps, beginning with the setting and concluding with the stunning centre stone.

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With its single centre stone, the solitaire offers a classic look.

Diamond Band

Add sparkling accent diamonds to your centre stone to enhance its brilliance.


Add sparkle to your centre stone with a shimmering halo of diamonds.


Explore our vintage engagement ring collection. Each Vintage diamond ring is handcrafted to order.


Three stone engagement rings, the couple's past, present, and future are supposed to be represented by these.




Currently, becoming engaged has several perks. One of the greatest benefits is the variety of available styles! We all know that with numerous alternatives comes difficulties making judgments. From basic to extravagant, solitaire to five-stone, it might be intimidating to shop for a bespoke engagement rings. Since this is one of the most essential purchases a young couple will make, it's necessary to pick a style of ring that best matches your style and demands. If you're not sure where to begin, timeless & traditional engagement rings are a terrific place to start. Especially if you're a commitment-o-phoebe like me (the irony of this is not lost on me), with a classic design, your ring will be timelessly gorgeous forever.

Most Popular Classic Engagement Rings
Solitaire: A solitaire setting is the most universally well-known engagement ring style. A solitaire setting is the most well recognised kind of engagement ring. A solitaire ring is comprised of a single centre stone and a plain band. Not only are they a tried-and-true classic, but they are also an exceedingly popular option today. Because solitaires are simple and timeless, they complement any ensemble. Similar to the white t-shirt of engagement ring designs. Due to the fact that it contains fewer stones than other settings, this design can also be cost-effective. By picking this arrangement, you may either save money or spend more of your cash to a huge, eye-catching centre stone. This is also the ideal option if you intend to pass your ring down to future generations.

Accents: Accent rings give a timeless classic a modest contemporary touch. They generally consist of a big centre stone surrounded by a ring of tiny pave or channel-set diamonds. Accent rings are available in a number of styles, as oval, princess, and pear-shaped centre stones are gaining popularity alongside the traditional round brilliant. These minor accents produce distinctive components that might demonstrate your individual style. Accents are also an excellent choice to pass down to the next generation since they retain their lustre and stand the test of time in terms of fashion. Keep in mind that cleaning more side stones requires additional effort! To guarantee optimum lustre, it is essential to clean and maintain this setting carefully.

Three Stone: Three stone rings have long been popular, but their popularity has recently skyrocketed thanks to Meghan Markle's selection of a three stone ring. In the course of history, they have established themselves as a real classic due to the profound symbolism that most other engagement rings lack. Typically, this design has a huge centre stone flanked by two lesser stones. The first side stone is thought to symbolise your past as a pair and how you arrived at this moment. The centre stone symbolises the present and ongoing love and commitment you share. The third stone signifies the couple's future and all the beautiful experiences that lie ahead. It is the ideal combination of timeless elegance and brilliant brilliance.

Benefits of Choosing a Timeless Engagement Ring
Versatility: The adaptability of a traditional engagement ring design is a significant advantage. Suppose, for instance, that you pick a traditional solitaire; you now have limitless options for your wedding ring! Many of our customers opt for a traditional solitaire and then select other bands to spice it up. This leaves endless options for picking anniversary bands for future years. Or choose one wedding band and make it beautiful (a diamond eternity band is a popular choice). If you like, this might complement the simplicity of your engagement ring.

Timeless Style (Great for Commitment-o-phoebes!) Is it only me who must change her nail colour every week? It is EXTREME to commit to one style for the remainder of one's life. That's something you'll have to wear for the rest of your life, something that will always be visible to everyone... well, it freaks me out, too. Therefore, it is reassuring to choose a design that will endure the test of time and continue to look great in the future.

Blending Old & New: Who says they need to look old-fashioned? If you choose a traditional engagement ring, you may still incorporate contemporary features. For instance, you can choose to employ fashionable claw prongs to hold the centre stone, or a halo that encircles the centre stone from below. Classic from the top and contemporary from the side. These small touches will not alter the overall traditional design of the ring, but they can provide a contemporary touch.

It is quite difficult to predict which ring will be the ideal option now, tomorrow, and twenty years from now. But if a traditional design appeals to you, I strongly suggest you try this alternative. Not only will it match everything and never go out of style, but it will also be suitable for passing down to future generations. Regardless of your choose, it will continue to look fantastic for years to come.

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