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Hsc Diamonds is an independent jewellery company specialising in bespoke and fine jewellery. We don't utilise mass-produced mounts like our rivals do instead, we make everything to order in-house and offer it straight to clients. Our brand is defined by authenticity, innovation, uniqueness, and tradition.

The idea of exquisitely created handcrafted jewellery that Hsc Diamonds represents has been the inspiration for every item we have ever produced. Working out of our London workshop. The company upholds the highest standards of corporate ethics while keeping the privacy of a private business. The company's founders work closely with each customer and supervise the creation of every piece.


We have client meetings at our inviting showroom in Hatton Garden London. We are happy to give clients all the information and guidance they require.

To suit our clients' hectic schedules, appointments are scheduled during our business hours from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday or outside of those hours upon special request.


You will be included in the discussion of every phase of the design process, and before the designs are finished, they may undergo a number of adjustments. If you reside outside of London, we will send you drawings and photographs to help you with the creative process. We work with clients from all around the world in this way.

Each item of jewellery we create is entirely designed, made, and set in-house. For accuracy and precision, all work is done under a microscope.

You could be sure that your handcrafted jewellery will survive for many generations because the craftsman has over 20 years of expertise setting diamonds.


When your personalised jewellery is finished, you may pick it up in person from our London workshop or we can arrange for delivery to any location in the world.

We provide our clients a free cleaning and inspection of their jewels each year, which we highly suggest.

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I'm sure you've heard this before, and we'll say it again: an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases a young couple will make! Finding a ring that fits well is a critical piece of the process. Below we'll share some advice on what happens if your ring ends up being the wrong size.

Does my engagement ring fit properly?
One of the most crucial things you can do to prevent your ring from being lost or destroyed is to make sure it fits properly. Your bespoke engagement ring should be able to slide on effortlessly, and while removing it, it should only need a tiny pull to get it over the knuckle. The ring shouldn't slide about, but neither should your finger protrude around it. Since finger sizes vary during the day, depending on what you eat, the weather, and other factors, it's best to wear the ring about for a few days before deciding whether it fits adequately. It would probably be a good idea to investigate having it enlarged if it still doesn't seem right.

So how do jewellers make rings bigger or smaller?
Now that you've made the decision to have your ring size altered, what happens next? We'll guide you through it, then. If it's too large, a jeweller will remove the metal by cutting off a little portion of the shank, then solder the ends back together. Most rings may be resized using this technique. Most rings cannot often be scaled down, including eternity bands, settings with tiny stones, etc. Increasing the size of your band is a little trickier (and usually slightly more expensive). The jeweller will add more metal to the band by making a minor incision. Then, it is re-soldered into position.

What happens if my ring can't be resized?
Add a tighter fitting ring. A wonderful approach to keep your engagement ring in place is to add a tighter-fitting band (simple to do now that stacking rings is so popular). The original ring may be held firmly on your finger with the aid of a complimentary, well-fitting, somewhat smaller ring.

Sizing beads
Sizing beads are a fantastic alternative as well! To minimise the space between your ring and finger, these small beads adhere to the inside of your ring.

A ring guard
Typically, ring guards are rubber bands that occupy space, making your ring fit more snugly. They are inexpensive, which is a bonus. The drawback is that they frequently only work as a temporary fix since they might permanently harm your ring. Unfortunately, scaling up does not provide these options and must be resized by a jeweller. Therefore, it's always better to assume of being larger than smaller when making a prediction since it gives you more possibilities in the long run. In conclusion, resizing is often simple but occasionally involves some complexity. The greatest thing you can do to make your life easier is to obtain as near as you can to her real ring size so that resizing won't be a problem. You should also pick a setting that permits future resizing. We hope that this article has clarified some issues and removed some of the mystery around resizing, but if you have any other inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]