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  • Marquise

    Symmetry propagated with two precisely aligned end points to form a near mirror image.

  • Round

    Tailored at sparkling light reflection and maximizing potential brightness.

  • Asscher

    Distinctive shape resembling square stone with linear facets giving it a Deco style visual.

  • Cushion

    Square cut with rounded corners much like a pillow which co-exist with firey appeal.

  • Emerald

    Graceful cut with rectangular facets in the diamond that epically emphasize stone's lucidity.

  • Heart

    An exceptional engraving that is a true testimony of your bond.

  • Oval

    Optimised with added elongated shape with illusion of greater size.

  • Princess

    A modern cut with finest blaze and intensity.

  • Pear

    Merging the radiance and design of the spherical and marquise engravings.

  • Radiant

    Combines the fashionable lines of box shape with the luminosity of traditional dazzling cut.

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